What to pack for a Paris trip

We all want to be fashionable for our trip to Paris right ladies? This book is for you. It not only has fashion tips but also other travel tips to make your trip a memorable one.

So you are going to Paris? How exciting! You’ve planned your trip and bought your plane ticket. But what do you pack to wear? We all want to travel a bit local and look fashionable but will it wrinkle? Is it the right thing to wear? If it’s your first trip to Paris, it’s a bit intimidating to pack. I know. After the first trip I revised my packing and planning list. This book is about ideas to get you started and find items in your closet or maybe your friend’s closets to take with you.

Keep in mind that Paris is on the same latitude as Boston or New York City. The truly hot summer temperatures last only six weeks from the end of June through the middle of August. Everyone has the only definition of what a “hot” or “cold” temperature is too. We address all four seasons in this book.

You’ll also need to pack for your man too right? We have some tips for him as well. Keep in mind that Paris isn’t always formal but it isn’t T-shirt, shorts, and flip flops casual. The best guideline to keep in mind is upscale casual. Neat and trim but leave the button at the top unbuttoned. Who knows maybe you’ll even inspire your man to keep that look.

In this book, we also include important tips for getting around town and the ever important questions about laundry. We put together outfits with photos and a description. You’ll be on your way to fit in with the locals in no time.


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What to pack for a Paris France Trip

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