Paris Tours

Paris is exciting! Hemingway said it best “It’s a moveable feast”. A City of Light that has inspired and endured for centuries as the place for good living, fine art, and delectable cuisine.

And you are ready to go! How do you start? With only a week or less how can you make the most of your trip. After nine trips to Paris myself, I can say you’ll always have a reason to go back. It’s important to narrow down your interests for the best experience that time allows.

What are the must see places? How do you get there? What about the crowds? In my book, I have outlined the best places in Paris for you to explore. Like Hemingway said above “it’s a moveable feast”, things change and places come and go. In this book, I’m directing you to the best places to find experiences not just a particular store or restaurant. However, the favors and tastes of an area stay the same.

Paris is for people. It’s a living, working, active place. You’ll experience how the Parisians enjoy life. Work but don’t forget to enjoy and play. In the summers, the locals take a picnic down by the river with friends for dancing and people watching. At the Shakespeare and Company bookstore on Monday evenings, they have book readings. Or take a night tour in a cab around the city to just take in and enjoy the lights. Don’t forget to see the show at the Eiffel Tower. After the sun goes down they twinkle the lights. The perfect end to an amazing adventure.