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Greetings! Are you an independent traveler but just need a little guidance? We keep the groups small and take you to the best sites in Paris. Then we allow time for independent exploration.

Do you want to go to Europe but you’re just a little nervous? If you are the adventurous, independent type but just need a little guidance. Someone who can be there if you need them, this is your tour! After taking many friends of mine to Paris, I realized that hanging with a tour group all day just isn’t for everyone. My friends appreciated just having the guidance and insider tips. We would explore for part of the day together and then take off to explore our own special interests. It made the trip much more fun and enjoyable. Then we would have lots to share at dinner over a glass of wine and a cheese plate.

That was the start of an idea. After sketching it out on a napkin in a Paris cafe, I started my research.

Traveling with Tricia tours are unique. I’m there for you just like a good friend. I’ll help you navigate the city. If you get lost, I’ll find you! And after nine trips to Paris, I have the insider tips to “must see” places for you to go. Traveling should fun. It’s about sharing with your partner, and time for yourself as well. A space to meet new people balanced with time on your own.

Each evening we’ll meet like a old buddies sharing stories of our day. The treasures we found and the good times we had. Just imagine a picnic at an historic site each evening with a glass of wine and a cheese plate. Just living and enjoying life. It can be yours. Just call today to book your amazing Paris experience.