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As any good story starts, an American went to Paris and fell in love with the City of Light. As professionally trained photographer, Tricia started an international business for vacation portrait photographers. After nine trips to Paris photographing clients, she decided to switch gears. She took many friends with her on this adventures and learned a lot about how people like to travel. So on a napkin in a Paris cafe one day she sketched out a new idea.

Being a tour guide is a natural extension of her interests and skills.

Tricia has enjoyed public speaking her whole life from a youngster in 4-H clubs, to dolphin shows as a young adult, and as photographer organizing groups and entertaining them. Being a tour guide for groups just sounds like fun to her! Many of her photography clients appreciated the time she took to show them the city and take them to new locations during their vacations in Paris. Her many years of business organizational skills and logistics complements her creative side. She’s practical and open for spontaneous experiences for her clients.

Her experiences as a temporary local in the summers in Paris offers a wealth of travel information for her clients. Her perspective as an  Americans gives her the opportunity explain and appreciate the differences in our cultures. We travel because it’s a different place. It’s stretching us outside of our home environment to see the world from another perspective. Tricia learned through her own adventures but you don’t have too. Take full advantage of her storytelling skills and fun personality so that your trip will be memorable and fun.

Tricia always thinks about the experience of her clients. She is there to help you have a fun and safe trip with a few adventure stories sprinkled in for fun.

Learn more about Tricia here on her professional photography website